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  Petroleum Marketers - Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Program

The best way to protect your company’s most valuable assets is to choose the right insurance coverage. That means finding an insurance program designed expressly to meet the unique needs of petroleum marketers.  As a member of the Minnesota Petroleum Marketers (MPM) Association, you have access to such a program — the MPM Safety Group Insurance Program underwritten by EMC Insurance Companies. Since 1983, this unique insurance program has provided MPM members with comprehensive coverages, competitive pricing, responsive service and outstanding financial stability.


Comprehensive Coverages

By designing a special insurance program for petroleum marketers, EMC Insurance Companies has bundled the essential property and liability coverages you’ll need into one competitively priced, comprehensive insurance program. Count on EMC and your local EMC agent to customize your insurance in a way that best protects your assets.


Greater Potential for Insurance Savings


As a member of the MPM Safety Group, you get more than just competitive pricing for the insurance coverages your system needs. The safety group offers you the possibility of an annual dividend, paid for good group loss experience, allowing the maximum possible reduction in insurance costs. If a dividend is earned, the amount returned to members is in proportion to their premium paid to the group. This way, members can profit from their insurance even though losses of an individual member may be higher than other members in the group.


Historical Dividends

  • 2007 – 18.1%
  • 2008 – 15.7%
  • 2009 – 14.6%
  • 2010 – 14.95%
  • 2011 – 24.6%
Past performance is not indicative of future results. Dividends will vary based on the performance of the program.

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