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                                            Farm & Ranch Insurance 
Key Insurance's roots run deep in farm & ranch country.  Our home office is based in North Central South Dakota, and we've been working with farms & ranches for decades, so when it comes to insuring farms and ranches we understand the exposures you face in your operation.
We understand that farming & ranching is first and foremost a busienss, as well as a lifestyle, which bings together a mix of both commercial and personal insurance needs.  From insuring your buildings, equipment, crops and vehicles to insuring your house and personal property we can help you indentify your exposures and find the right coverage to protect your business and family. As an Independent Agent we represent a number of companies who focus on farm & ranch insurance. 
 ...for your farm property and buildings
  • Where permitted, you can choose blanket coverage for all livestock, poultry, grain, machinery, implements, etc. Or schedule each item specifically. And you can insure barns, silos, grain bins, additional farm dwellings, radio and TV equipment, etc., up to the amounts you specify in the policy.


...for your home and household property

  • You can include Replacement Cost Coverage for your home by insuring it for at least 80% of the replacement expense. Coverage is also available for your household goods, such as furnishings, clothing, etc. farm and personal liability

  •  Covers your liability for injuries arising from: falls by visitors; use of tractors or farm machinery; livestock on roads; animal accidents; personal actions of family members or pets anywhere, etc. Also covers your liability for damage to property arising from animal damage to neighboring crops, fences, gardens, spreading fire, etc. And covers you for certain medical expenses, including those of neighbors exchanging labor; liability defense costs; including court costs and attorney fees; liability and medical expenses stemming from employee injuries.

A successful farmer needs broader and more complete insurance protection. This can be provided through Key Insurance, Inc.


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